Drew Langdon, a thriving property developer, is fueled by his zeal for powerboats. Drawing inspiration from his father, a pilot for the International Johnson Works Powerboat Racing team, Langdon embarked on his monohull racing journey at a young age. With his family’s unwavering support, he was able to channel his energy into his passion, elevating it to new levels.

His family background and enthusiasm for the speed and engineering prowess of these awe-inspiring machines shaped his journey to success and steadfast commitment to powerboat racing. Building on the knowledge and experience passed down from his father and acquired through his own races, Drew cultivated a potent ambition, ultimately mastering the prestigious waters of Cowes Torquay Cowes. His triumphs attest to the fact that success often stems from adaptability, perseverance, and relentless effort.

A glimpse of his remarkable achievements:

  • 3-time World Champion in UKOPRA Offshore 1 (2019, 2022) and Marathon A (2018); Asian Champion (Hong Kong) APA 2018
  • 2-time British Champion in RYA Marathon A (2017) and UKOPRA Offshore 1 (2021)
  • Guernsey Gold Cup Winner; Harmsworth International Trophy Winner 2018
  • 4-time Beaverbrook Daily Express Trophy Winner (2018, 2019, 2021, 2022)
  • 4-time Cowes Torquay Cowes Winner
  • 2-time British RIB Formula 1 Runner-up
  • European Endurance Champion; RYA Silver Medalist

A snapshot of his recent successes:

  • 2022: World Champion Offshore 1, Falmouth Spirit of the Sea 1st, Cowes Torquay Cowes 1st, Poole 100 1st, Hamble 1st, Round Isle of Wight 1st (fastest average speed of 102 MPH)
  • 2021: British Champion Offshore 1, Cowes Torquay Cowes 1st, Rais Pavia Venice, Round Isle of Wight 1st, Poole 100 1st
  • 2020: No races
  • 2019: Poole 100 Marathon Class A 3rd (6th overall), Guernsey Gold Cup 1st, Cowes Torquay Cowes (non-stop) 1st overall
  • 2018: Fortitudo Poole 100 Marathon Class A 1st, Falmouth – Eddystone – Falmouth 1st, Cowes-Torquay-Cowes (Storm Course) 1st, World Champion Marathon A, Asian Champion Hong Kong (six rounds)

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Drew Langdon’s accomplishments in offshore monohull racing showcase his adaptability and relentless drive. His wide-ranging experience with various boats of different sizes has endowed him with profound insight into the demands and challenges of this sport. Coupled with his fervent dedication and unwavering commitment, this knowledge has culminated in an impressive array of successes, solidifying his standing as one of the world’s top powerboat racers.

Langdon’s ability to adapt to diverse racing conditions and boat types exemplifies his exceptional control and technical expertise. Each victory is the fruit of laborious work, thorough preparation, and a constant drive to hone his technique and knowledge. This tireless pursuit of progress has crowned him a true champion, hinting at an even more thrilling future in powerboat racing.


a master of racing, has racing ingrained in his DNA. A three-time world champion with a legacy inherited from his father, a Norton motorbike racer, Miles has earned the Harmsworth Cup and broken multiple speed records.

In addition to his racing prowess, Miles is a shrewd businessman. As the co-owner of Stovac and a group of ceramic companies, he provides luxury products for the kitchens and bathrooms of footballers and celebrities. This success enables him to pursue his passion for powerboat racing in the Powerboat P1 series.

Miles began his racing journey at the age of 16, competing on water with any boat he could afford. Throughout his life, he has tested various boats, always striving for more. In 2010, Miles assumed a new role as the pilot for Racing Silverline, bringing an air of optimism and excitement to the team.

Describing himself as an adrenaline junkie, Miles is never one to sit idly. When not preparing for a race, he can be found skiing or kite-boarding. His daring lifestyle, combined with his enthusiasm for racing, has drawn comparisons to Formula 1 legend James Hunt—a compliment he gladly accepts.

Miles believes that those who partake in calculated risks for the thrill of the sport are a unique breed. Despite experiencing a 100 mph collision with a harbor wall and numerous boat accidents, Miles remains undeterred. His charismatic charm and relaxed demeanor belie the intensity of his experiences on the water. Demonstrating a lighter side, he shares anecdotes of racing in a pantomime horse costume before Princess Anne and being rescued from a sinking boat dressed as a nun.

As an avid rock fan, Miles often listens to AC/DC on repeat, while also enjoying his time at Global Gathering and the club scene in Ibiza. Regardless of whether it’s sports or music, Miles Jennings is always fully immersed, fast-paced, and operating at 100 mph.